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Groupon for $25 off BioShock Infinite on Steam

Jordan Mallory

Unlike other Groupons for BOGO grow-your-own nagchampa kits and 15 percent off the first 30 minutes of your dog's Le Cordon Bleu certification lessons, this Groupon to get the PC version of BioShock Infinite for $35 is actually worth spending money on.

Update: We, along with some of you fine folks in the comments, were a bit disheartened after purchasing this Groupon, completing the registration process to purchase the code, and then receiving neither a code nor download instructions in our inboxes.

We are pleased to report, however, that there simply appears to be a sizable delay between finalizing the purchasing process and receiving the code. We have received our Steam key for the retail version of BioShock Infinite, and aside from a bit of a wait, everything appears to have worked correctly.

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