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Reus, 2D god game featuring four giants, blows through PC today


Reus, the 2D god game from Abbey Games, is available today, right now, for $10 (€10, £7) on Steam, GOG, Desura and Gamersgate. It's PC only for now, with Mac and Linux ports planned.

Reus offers a twist on the standard god game narrative, asking players to find balance in the world by controlling nature with four giants. The humans have a strong will of their own, and the player is tasked with ensuring they can thrive, but not too much, lest they become corrupted and destroy the planet.

Reus is on sale on Steam, GOG and Desura, for 10 percent off ($9). If you want to show Abbey Games your full monetary appreciation today, Gamersgate is the way to go.

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