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Capcom inserts Arrested Development's Tobias Fünke everywhere


Ahead of Arrested Development blue-ing up on screens once more when the fourth season arrives later this month, Netflix released a sizzle reel (below the break) for the sitcom's hapless actor wannabe Tobias Fünke. As ever, Tobias' awkward choice of words is the star of the show, but the Jumpman cameo is a very close second.

That'd be pretty tenuous to post on its own, but thankfully Capcom stepped in and gave us the perfect excuse. Responding to Tobias' call in the sizzle reel - "Insert me anywhere!" - Capcom did just that with a selection of its classic games. And now we want a Mega Man game with Dr Fünke as the villain. Make it happen, universe.

Also, we got this far without making the obvious gag. Huzzah!

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