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Gears of War: Judgment gets 'Lost Relics' multiplayer DLC next month


Epic lays down Gears of War: Judgment with new multiplayer DLC in June. The 'Lost Relics' pack a new gametype and four further maps, including the return of 'Checkout' from Gears of War 3. Also bundled in are new armor and weapon skins.

The gametype is called Breakthrough. It features one team trying to get a flag from A to B, and another trying to stop them. The attacking team has a limited pool of lives, while the defensive team has unlimited resources. Sounds like the attacking team's has their work cut out.

You can peruse layouts of the four maps - that's Checkout, Lost City, Museum, and Ward (for OverRun) - in the gallery just below these words. More details are due in the coming weeks. Finally, in case you missed it, Judgment received a free OverRun map earlier this week.

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