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RIFT gives a sneak peek at F2P item shop


What will RIFT's free-to-play version look like? While we won't get to see it in action until the game makes the transition on June 12th, Trion Worlds has posted a screenshot of the new item store and some of its offerings for players to peruse.

The store screenshot includes a preview pane of a character wearing a fancy outfit and a top hat, as well as a list of several items. These include 30-day patron pass, faction changing scroll, character rename scroll, rename guild scroll, transfiguration bauble, rune unsocketing apparatus, and planar essence removal device. Later on in the thread, the studio posted a picture of a different cosmetic outfit being worn by a female character.

To "ensure a successful transition," Trion has sent out surveys to all current subscribers about the free-to-play switch.

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