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Soundhalo beta for Android lets us buy concert videos before the show is over


The urge to record video at a concert can be distracting for fans and musicians alike -- enough so that some bands now forbid it altogether. Soundhalo's new media service and Android beta might just keep both sides happy, as long as they've got the money to spend. The platform lets a backstage team make audio and video available for purchase from the app, as soon as a song is done; theoretically, you can start a replay before you've left the front row. Downloadable copies are DRM-free, and concert-goers can always grab tracks again from the app or the web. Soundhalo is still working on an iOS release, but Android users who've been to Alt-J's recent Brixton shows (or just missed out) can already relive the memories at about $1.50 a pop.

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