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Google+ app update for Android adds auto-backup and enhancement tools for photos


Google (and especially the Google+ team) are keeping very busy. While I/O 2013 may have wrapped up last week, the company's just unveiled a new update for its social network on Android devices. Packing some familiar new photo features (like auto-backup and auto-highlights), the refresh includes even more Snapseed filters and tools. Location sharing can now tap into your circle arrangements, and you'll be able to share geo-locations with specific sets of people. Related hashtags will now function within the app, like we've already seen on the web-based version, while (perhaps predictably) there's now one-tap access to Mountain View's Hangouts app too. Gotta keep 'em all connected, right?

Update: As some trying to download the app may have noticed, the update is currently incompatible with recent versions of Android. Google has quickly chimed in to say that this is simply the result of a slip-up, however, and should be corrected shortly.

Update 2: It should be available for all to download now, if you're still not seeing it in the app store try checking the Google Play link below from a PC.

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