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Man at Arms builds 80-pound replica of Final Fantasy VII's Buster Sword


Blacksmith and propmaster Tony Swatton documents the creation of a replica Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword in the latest episode of the Man at Arms web series. Cloud Strife himself would be proud of the results.

This isn't some cardboard-and-foil job that you'd see at an anime convention; the finished product weighs around 80 pounds, and Swatton burned up three portable drills during its assembly. Swatton proves the sword's impracticality by "wrecking" his back and arm while attempting to wield it, but stick around until the end to see the blade taste the flesh of unsuspecting soda bottles and fresh produce.

Swatton previously produced replicas of Minecraft's diamond sword and the Kingdom Hearts keyblade, among other bladed bits of nerdery.

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