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TUG tackles sexiness and diversity

We're not getting into a real talk about diversity in gaming here. We are, however, talking about The Untitled Game's take on that sort of thing. The latest update on the TUG Kickstarter page is all about Seed diversity. The team is promising to do its best to make sure that players don't have to deal with armors that have a "drastically different appearance" based on gender. Female characters won't get overly sexualized animations, and you're just as likely to find a manly NPC in distress as a lady one. The team is working to avoid stereotypical representations of races and cultures, and wants to be sure that white males aren't portrayed as the default for Seeds.

Some servers will allow users only basic inputs on their Seed's appearance, like gender and skin color, and will automatically assign the rest. All Seed's appearances, regardless of initial input, will grow and change over time as they age. Players will also be able to directly affect their Seed's look with hairstyle changes, tattoos, and other mysterious alterations.

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