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Deepwind Gorge: Simple strategy guide


Deepwing Gorge is the newest battleground in the game, added in patch 5.3. At this precise point in time, it is not in the Rated Battleground rotation, thanks to some bugs, but it will return fairly soon. Nonetheless, this guide is intended for random groups, not for rated teams, who, with additional organization, will be able to execute more complex and precise strategies.

What are we supposed to be doing?

Good question. There are three mines, the Goblin mine, the Center mine, and the Pandaren mine. I wrote about this in more detail back when this was still on the PTR, but suffice it to say, for now, that the Horde has a slight advantage in getting to the Goblin mine, while the Alliance has a slight advantage in getting to the Pandaren mine. As a result of that, a strategy that seems to work well enough for random groups is to split your team, sending around half to the Center mine, and half to either the Goblin or Pandaren mine, depending on which faction you're playing. You will also need to take a few players, depending on your healer numbers, to get the opposite faction's cart. I've been having success with a warrior and a couple of healers as a cart team, but you will need heals at the Center mine, where most of the fighting will take place.

It might just be because this battleground is new right now, and players don't know exactly what's going on yet, but so far, the best time to capture the cart has been early on. For maximum effect, you'll need to wait until the other side has some points, as capturing the cart steals "gold" or points from the opposition, as well as adding to your own total. Naturally, therefore, you will want to prevent the other side capturing your cart.

So, in summary, in order of priority:

  • Hold bases, two is plenty.
  • Prevent the enemy from capturing your cart.
  • Capture the enemy cart.

Carts and their capture

We've all seen bases before, this is nothing new, but the carts are a little different. They behave like the orbs in Temple of Kotmogu, they are picked up with a cogwheel click, and will follow you around behind you on a chain, even if you're a sheep or a frog. There is nothing an enemy player can do to remove the cart from you, apart from killing you.
Deepwind Gorge Simple strategy guide
Once the cart is dropped, it works like the flag in Warsong Gulch -- it can be picked up by the opposing team again, or returned to its base by you.

As far as capturing the cart goes, you need to run it all the way across the map to your base. Yes, that's right, past the line of three mines, all the way back home. Once the player carrying the cart gets to the cart spawn point in their own base, the cart will capture. The cart itself doesn't need to get there. What's more, it does not work like the flags in Warsong, where if the other faction has your cart you can't capture theirs.

OK, anything else to bear in mind?

First up, don't defend your cart inside your faction's base. The cart run is so long that you should be able to stop the cart carrier in the middle area of the map long before they're able to capture it. Secondly, if the game is looking close, capturing the opposition's cart will pull their point total down by 200 points. This could well give you the advantage you need to win the game.

When running the cart, it is a good idea to take it through bases you hold, preferably the side bases, so Goblin or Pandaren. Failing that, if they are in conflict, a great way to run the cart is down the outside wall of the center area.
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