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Evernote adds Reminders to Mac, iOS and web applications (video)

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Sure, Evernote is great for jotting down recipes and syncing notes to the cloud, but users lacking in the memory department still had to rely on external alarm apps to remind them of their to-do lists. That all ends today with the introduction of Evernote's Reminders feature for Mac, iOS and web applications. Simply tap the alarm clock icon on each note and set the desired date and time you want to be reminded of it. You'll then get an in-app alarm or an email reminder sent to you if you've set it up that way. That particular notebook will also now have a Reminders section on top to help you keep track of your various projects. Sadly, there's no word on an Android implementation just yet -- perhaps we should ask Evernote to set a Reminder for that.

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