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Google: Voice Search coming to Chrome for iOS soon


Yesterday TUAW showed you how voice search on Chrome for Mac has improved, now providing eerily Siri-like functionality in Google Search. According to a post yesterday on the Google Chrome Blog, the next target for voice search is iOS -- and we should see the update in just a few days.

The update won't require users to point Chrome at the Google home page. Instead, whenever you tap on the omnibox (the combination address/search field), a microphone appears. Tap it, speak your search query and your results appear in a flash. As with the Chrome for Mac update yesterday, some of the results come back in the form of both a screenful of information and a spoken response.

The Googlers say that the update will also enable "faster reloading of web pages by using the cache more efficiently when the network is slow;" perfect for when you're using Chrome on the road. Other iOS apps will also be able to give you the option to open links in Chrome and then return to the app with one tap.

We'll update this post as soon as the update is available.

[via iMore]

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