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PlayStation Europe PS4 ad says 'Coming 2013'


A new PS4 ad in Europe provides further indication the continent can expect the console to arrive there this year. While Sony announced the PS4 was due "Holiday 2013" back at February's reveal event, the company declined to commit to which regions that window applied to. However, a new PS4 ad, first spotted in today's Metro newspaper in the UK, then later tweeted by PlayStation Europe, says the PS4 is "Coming 2013."

Europeans have good reason to be cautious about a tentative window. The PS3 reached the continent in March 2007, having arrived in North America and Japan some four months prior - and that was via a last-minute delay, too.

When asked if this confirmed the PS4 is coming to Europe this year, a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe representative told us, "We announced at the PlayStation Meeting event on February 20 that [the] PS4 would be coming in 2013... the adverts are simply re-stating that message."

"More information about [the] PS4 and all PlayStation platforms will be announced at E3," he added.

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