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TUG closes in on its Kickstarter deadline with a new video

Eliot Lefebvre

It's the final countdown for TUG, with less than a week to go and about $50,000 more needed as of this writing. The development team has penned a penultimate Kickstarter update for fans and would-be fans, compiling several updates and news posts for everyone to read. It covers the care and development of player characters, the use of companions, and the structure of the game servers... all questions to be asked by anyone looking to back the game.

There's also a video on the page, one you can watch after the cut to see how the game is being based around science, even more so than the other games that turn your computer into virtual three-dimensional worlds. You can also take a look at our recent interview with the staff behind TUG to learn a bit more about the game's structure. If it piques your interest, now's the time to hop over and give the game a bit more funding.

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