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Around Azeroth: I've made a huge mistake


What's up, lizard-bros? It's just me, one of your fellow saurok, here to hang around the campfire and talk about our upcoming plans in great detail. You may notice that I've acquired a staff. You'll be pleased to know that I took it off a filthy human, which I killed with my claws and such. I shall use it to roast marshmallows. Now, what time exactly are we going to attack that Alliance camp down the road, and which invasion route will be we using, and how susceptible are we to Shadowbolts? I'm just going to take notes for ... my research. Damn it, Jones! Get me out of here! They've caught on to my brilliant disguise! And I was being so subtle about it. (Thanks to submitter Raenah of Nameless on Nagrand [EU-A] for the screenshot!)

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