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Gunpoint aims for a June 3 launch day, sales abound


Before reading the release date for Gunpoint, the 2D stealth puzzle game from Suspicious Developments, take your finger off the trigger. Gunpoint launches on June 3 – that's next Monday – and it's available for pre-order now via Steam and Humble Store, each for 10 percent off or $9.

The Special and Exclusive editions are also up for pre-order. The Special Edition is on sale for $15 and includes a DRM-free key for the game, a Steam code, the soundtrack and developer commentary. The Exclusive Edition is $30 via Humble and $27 on Steam, and it includes all of the aforementioned goodies, along with a 40-minute making-of video, a pack of prototype levels, four exclusive songs and access to future "secret betas" of Suspicious Developments games.

The standard and Special editions are on sale via Humble for two weeks, while the steam sales are for one week. Keep in mind, all Humble purchases come with a Steam key and the developer gets a larger piece of the pie through that channel. Decide where you want to pull the trigger on Gunpoint – but seriously, keep your finger off that trigger while you're still on the fence. And probably after. And stop playing with guns while you're on a fence.

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