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Amazon all-day Gold Box features Injustice, Tomb Raider, DI: Riptide


Maybe it's just our Memorial Day hangovers, but today's gaming Gold Box from Amazon feels a bit muted. There aren't that many deals, and the all-day discount sees Injustice: Gods Among Us drop to $35 - a price we saw it at some time ago - albeit, the Collector's Edition is also going for $65. Still, maybe it'll perk up with the Lightning offerings.

The highlights look to be Tomb Raider (9AM PT, midday ET), Forza Horizon (2PM PT, 5PM ET), and Dead Island Riptide. Regards Riptide, it has a couple of hours to survive at the time of publishing. The Gold Box discount sees the Special Edition sliced to $31.99 and the Rigor Mortis Edition cut to $59.99.

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