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Cave Story creator's Gero Blaster delayed


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Daisuke Amaya and Studio Pixel's Gero Blaster isn't going to hop onto iPhones this month. The side-scroller starring a lovestruck frog was originally pinned for May, but with the month quickly depleting, Cave Story and Ikachan creator Amaya announced he's "decided to postpone it." While he didn't disclose a new release window, Amaya noted the delay isn't to overhaul the game, but to tweak it.

"Previously, I've remade my work a few times before its completion," Amaya said. "This time, however, is for improving it and not remaking it. I am now doing my best for the completion to make it a more fun and exciting game."

Gero Blaster stars Kaeru, a frog running-and-gunning to rescue his cat girlfriend. As for when this croak tale of interspecies love is likely to arrive, Amaya said he'll let fans know once he has an approximate idea.

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