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Photographing the moon with an iPhone


Stargazers and amateur astronomers might be shocked to hear that, with the right equipment, the iPhone makes a perfect camera to photograph the moon. Writing on his 23x blog, Jared Earle reveals the surprising, simple steps he takes to get amazing shots of the moon.

To start with, you need some kind of telescope to get such close-up shots. Earle uses a Celestron C5. He then uses the Magnifi adapter to attach his iPhone 4S to the telescope. Once the two pieces of hardware are connected, Earle launches the Cortex Camera app (US$2.99) to snap his pics. The app uses dozens of individual photos to assemble one highly detailed, noise-free one.

If you're hoping to get some great snaps of the moon, Jared Earle's piece is a must-read. I particularly like his tip about using Apple's EarPods with Remote and Mic as a shutter release.

[Image by Jared Earle]

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