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Rumor: Project Titan development reset?

Matthew Rossi

According to Venturebeat the as-yet unannounced Project Titan has seen seventy or so developers reassigned to other projects and a slimmed down thirty person team remains on the project. MMO-Champion reported that sources indicated that the changes were made in part due to a desire to make significant technology changes to the project and that the rest of the developers are being moved to World of Warcraft, Blizzard All-Stars, the upcoming Diablo III expansion and

Considering Titan hasn't even been announced yet, we're not sure what we can really make of this news. We've seen similar moves in the past with titles like Starcraft: Ghost which ended in cancellation, and even Warcraft III saw mid-stream technology updates that resulted in a very successful launch. At any rate, until any sort of announcement on what Titan actually is gets made, we'll just be over here playing World of Warcraft.

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