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'Chip and PIN' card reader for iOS selling in European Apple Stores


Merchants here in Europe will soon be able to walk into an Apple store and buy a Bluetooth "chip and PIN" reader that talks to the iPhone right off the shelf. Until now, merchants here didn't have a lot of immediate access to tech that allows them to take payments via their iPhones and iPads. Square is still not available in Europe, while the Swedish iZettle card reader can't be bought in retail stores. But things are about to get easier, because Payleven has just inked a deal with Apple to carry its chip and PIN device in stores, reports TheNextWeb.

Unlike Square, Payleven doesn't connect directly to your iPhone. Instead it uses Bluetooth to talk wirelessly to it -- something that is nice because you don't have to hand your iDevice to dozens of different customers each day. After the merchant enters the amount of the transaction in the Payleven app, customers insert their credit or debit card into the chip and PIN reader and enter their PIN, at which point the app processes their payments.

The Payleven Chip and PIN reader is available in Apple stores for £99. Users also get a £20 credit for card processing fees. There are no subscription fees to use Payleven, but merchants will be charged 2.7% per transaction.

The Payleven app is a free download.

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