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    Daily iPad App: Learn Spanish with JamTok! adds a dash of music to your foreign language lessons


    Learning a new language can be tedious, but you can liven up your lessons with Learn Spanish with JamTok! from TicTokLabs. The app focuses on vocabulary and uses music as the cornerstone of each lesson. Learn Spanish with JamTok! features popular music from artists like Carlos Santana, Bruno Mars, Nickelback, Madonna and more.

    The JamTok! Spanish app allows you to pick a song and learn its lyrics in Spanish. A handy slider lets you swing the lyrics in favor of Spanish or English, so you can adjust the difficulty based on your skill level. Vocabulary words are highlighted in yellow along with an image of the word. After working your way through a song, the app prompts you to practice the words that you learned while singing the song. These mini-games follow along with the song and require you to tap on vocabulary words to identify their meaning. It's a fast-paced lesson that keeps you on your toes, especially on your first time through a song.

    As you play the mini-games, you are rewarded with coins for your accuracy in identifying words and phrases in the song. These coins are then used to buy new songs that'll teach you even more Spanish vocabulary. You can earn free coins just by opening the app each day, liking JamTok on Facebook and by signing up for third-party offers from Tapjoy. If you want to spend less time earning coins and more time learning Spanish, then you can buy coins using an in-app purchase. You can buy 220 coins for US$1.99, which will buy you a single song. You can also buy coins in bulk and pick up a song pack of five songs for 892 coins. The app includes one full free song and free samples that allow you to listen to 25 seconds of a song.

    Learn Spanish with JamTok! is a fun way to brush up on your Spanish vocabulary, but be prepared to drop some cash on coins if you want the full experience. Learn Spanish with JamTok! is available for free from the iOS App Store.

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