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iPhone owners spend 55% more time on their device than Android users


If you're an iPhone owner, chances are you spend 55 percent more time on it than your Android-owning friends spend on their devices. That's according to a report from Experian. While the average Android user spends 49 minutes on their phone each day, the average iPhone user spends a whopping 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The report also says that iPhone and Android users use their phones in different ways. iPhone users spend only 22 percent of their time talking on the device, while Android users spend 28 percent of their time talking (iPhone users still talk 3 minutes more than Android users, though, because they spend 26 extra minutes using their device). But iPhone owners spend much more time using social network apps, emailing, texting and taking pictures than Android users do.

The report also notes some interesting stats about platform-agnostic smartphone usage. The average daily usage time is 58 minutes: 26 percent of that is spent talking, 20 percent texting, 16 percent visiting social network sites, 14 percent visiting websites, 9 percent emailing, 8 percent playing games and 9 percent doing "other things" -- which is presumably using a variety of apps.

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