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Joystiq tries a custom Xbox Evil Controller (and you can win it!)


Remember Evil Controllers' Kickstarter for a lithium-ion Xbox 360 controller? The controller is now a reality, packing a built-in battery that Evil Controllers claims can hold up to 60 hours of charge. They built a special unit just for us, featuring custom Joystiq iconography and colors, and we've been testing it out for a couple weeks now.

We can't verify the 60 hour claim, but we haven't had to recharge it once, and the battery indicator on the Xbox 360 dash has yet to drop by even one bar. Beyond that, the build quality is exceptional and the Evil D-pad is great for action games and shooters.

But enough chat! You read the headline and you want to win this bad boy. To enter, simply follow the directions below. We announced the giveaway during the live Super Joystiq Podcast last week. We broadcast new episodes every Thursday, and we have giveaways like this all the time. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you know when to tune in!

Evil Controller giveaway:
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