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The Last of Us to get single-player DLC, season pass detailed


Naughty Dog is venturing into single-player DLC for the first time with The Last of Us. The Uncharted developer announced the season pass for its latest PS3 project this week, revealing it'll entitle buyers to three pieces of The Last of Us DLC, including one for single-player. The other two feature maps and other additions for the multiplayer, a mode which Naughty Dog has been very coy about. The studio promises more info about The Last of Us' multiplayer later this week - which is handy, since the game is out in just over two weeks.

The game's season pass is priced $19.99, and Naughty Dog says that equates to a 30 percent saving on the individual pieces of DLC. In addition to the DLC, the season pass includes some 'Day 1 Bonuses,' namely a number of in-game upgrades and an "exclusive" 90-minute making of documentary called 'Grounded.' Which you probably won't watch on Day 1, seeing as you'll have just gotten the game.

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