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Wii U white 32GB Premium set announced for Japan


Nintendo is shaking up its color-coded Wii U system by introducing a white 32GB Premium set to Japan. Starting July 13, the Premium set will be available in both black and white in the country.

The new set is priced the same as the original black one at ¥31,500 (around $313), and comes with the same accessories. Going by Nintendo's promotion on its site, the GamePad, its stylus, and the console stand are white in the new set, while the GamePad cradle and GamePad stand remain black.

When approached about the white 32GB set, a Nintendo spokesperson told us "this is a Japanese announcement," and that "all other territories will make announcements if relevant."

Nintendo also unveiled an enhanced GamePad battery replacement today, which is coming to Japan on July 25, while a new fast-charging Wiimote pack arrives alongside the white Premium set on July 13.

Altogether more colorful than the Wii U variants, albeit in different shades of green, is the Luigi-themed 3DS XL. The polka-plumber skin unveiled last month is also dated for Japan, and will pipe up on retail shelves on July 18.

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