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Just Mobile delivers AluPocket and AluDisc, two new high-design accessories


Erich Huang and the team at Just Mobile don't seem to be getting any rest these days. The company is well-known for its line of well-built aluminum accessories for Apple products, and it was only about a month ago that TUAW reviewed the HeadStand headphone stand, AluCup dock for iPhone and the AluFrame iPhone 5 bumper. Today the company announced two new products -- the AluPocket for iPhone (US$29.95) and AluDisc ($69.95).

The AluPocket (see image above) is a stylish aluminum / plastic wall mount for iPhone that attaches to a wall using 3M glue-free tape. At the bottom of the round pocket-shaped mount is a recess for a Lightning or 30-pin connector, and the front of the AluPocket has a vertical slot into which a charging cable can be placed.

Just Mobile delivers AluPocket and AluDisc, two new highdesign accessories

The AluDisc is a new take on an old idea -- years ago, I purchased a similar turntable device for one of the old white plastic iMacs from Rain Design called the i360. Just Mobile has taken the concept of an iMac/Cinema Display turntable, slimmed it down considerably and made it a solid match with the latest design meme from Apple.

We'll be reviewing both of these accessories in the near future; in the meantime, check out Just Mobile's site for more details.

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