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Mac Pro inventory appears low as WWDC approaches


This year's WWDC is just around the corner, so we're all wondering what -- if any -- new products Apple might reveal at the event. If Apple's inventory at a number of different retailers is any hint, we might be looking at a new Mac Pro sometime in the near future. J. Glenn Künzler over at MacTrast did a little bit of sleuthing and checked the stocks of a dozen major Apple sellers, from Apple's website and retail stores to major websites like Amazon.

His search discovered a majority of the stores he examined were either out of stock of the 2012 Mac Pro or were running low on inventory. Apple officially stopped selling the Mac Pro in Europe on March 1 of this year due to new regulations that impacted its power supply, but had already begun to pull the units from stores by mid-February.

Apple confirmed last year to Forbes that there would be a new Pro model in 2013. Whether this lack of stock leading up to WWDC is a sign of new hardware on the horizon or not will be confirmed in a few short weeks. If you're thinking about buying a Mac Pro, you should consider waiting until after WWDC. If the new hardware doesn't knock your socks off, you might be able to find a deal on a current-generation model.

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