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Phat Loot Phriday: Armored Bloodwing


"Na na na na na na na na, batmount!" Throgg cried as he cruised the Armored Bloodwing in for an impressive landing. At least, impressive was probably Throgg's plan. In reality, the bat faceplanted into a bush with the grace of a hyperactive dwarf.

"What was that all about?" Lolegolas asked, watching the hefty orc pick himself up from the ground.

"Still getting the hang of that," Throgg muttered, swatting an errant leaf from his sinewed thigh. "Handles a little tight. The echo-location must be off. Which is funny because you wouldn't think locating echoes would be difficult for a bat."

For its part, the bat seemed nonplussed.

"Seriously, Throgg," the blood elf countered. "What in the heck is that thing?"

"What? Are you Alliance? Are you a gnome or something? What in the Twisting Nether do you think it is?" Throgg asked incredulously. "It's an Elune-praised bat mount."

"Thanks for that," Lolegolas muttered. "There's bound to be bat-complaints now."

Item Note: You can't have a bat mount without a few good bat-jokes to set up the bat-weekend. This bat mount is available in the Blizzard bat-store.

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