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Flipnote Studio 3D hits NA eShop this August

Jordan Mallory

Flipnote Studio 3D, Nintendo's free, three-dimensional animation software for the 3DS, will be available on the North American eShop sometime in "early August," according to the software's newly launched official English website.

As is the case with Flipnote Studio 3D's Japanese counterpart, users will be able to export their animations to one of two networks: Flipnote Gallery: Friends and/or Flipnote Gallery: World. Usage of the Friends network is free and allows the user to share their animations with their 3DS buddies, whereas the World network is a paid service accessed by a global community of users.

The subscription fee is $0.99 for 30 days of access. Additionally, the app comes with a free 30 trial period, and the World network is freely available every day between 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. local 3DS time. The user can also earn Coin Points and Collector Points by submitting and evaluating Flipnotes, which can lead to free months of playtime if they're awesome enough at either activity.

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