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Flipnote Studio 3D scribbles on Japan July 3


Flipnote Studio 3D has marked out July 3 for its arrival in Japan. There's no word yet on exact release timing for western eShops, though the free portable doodler was earmarked for the summer in a mini Nintendo Direct (above) released earlier this year.

The 3DS successor to Flipnote lets handheld artists create animations with 3D effects, and users can export their works as GIFs and AVIs. Those GIFs and AVIs won't just be in black, red, and blue, as the new Flipnote features a welcome six colors. You'll also be able to show off your kaleidoscopic animations via Friend Flipnote Gallery and World Flipnote Gallery services, although the latter carries a monthly fee.

The news comes on the day Flipnote community support is set to end on DSi.

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