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Son of Nor achieves Kickstarter goal


StillAlive studios lived up to its name by obtaining $151,175 on its $150,000 goal for Son of Nor, a telekinetic, terraforming combat and puzzle action game.

"We did it! Oh my god what a race it has been in the last hours and minutes," the team wrote in a Kickstarter update. "This campaign has brought us much more than just the funding we need to continue the project we believe in. It brought us a warm, great and positive community who helps each other, leverages each other and does not compete in a negative way."

From here on out the team plans to continue development and update backers on their progress. StillAlive previously stated it's planning a closed beta for Q1 2014, with the final game scheduled for the middle of next year. Although the Kickstarter has concluded, the studio is still open to PayPal donations.

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