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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup has the same plan


With E3 2013 just around the corner, it's time to dust off the ENAE3K. While this is my first year attending the event, I'm passing this survival plan to you, readers. It's particularly useful for the ones staying home and eating sandwiches while refreshing the Joystiq front page. I assure you, I'm already jealous of you sandwich-eaters.

This week's Wrapup question concerns E3: What is one game or feature you think will be revealed at the event, and what is one you hope will be announced? While you pound away at your keyboards, check out last week's webcomics and vote for your favorite after the break!

The Law of the Jungle (Penny Arcade)
Xbox One Nine Eight Four (Virtual Shackles)
Work Ethics (Nerf Now)
Stalking (Awkward Zombie)
This isn't living (SeeMikeDraw)
The 9 Gamers You Play Online (Dorkly)
Xbox One Cloud (Dave the Direman)


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