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Around Azeroth: Victory in death


"In addition to dying spectacularly, Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A) has a tendency to find ways to break an encounter," writes guild leader Gimmlette. "Their recent run of 10-man Icecrown Citadel went more than a little askew. They were merrily blasting through the raid when they got to Arthas. With the amount of firepower of the eight 90s in the group, he never really got a chance to progress through the phases of the encounter. He didn't kill everyone until he himself was at 0%. When three minutes had passed and the group hadn't been rezzed, Zyemay pointed out there was still a drudge ghoul standing behind Arthas. (We named him Ted.) The tank, Skipkick, released, came back, killed the ghoul, was killed and then the encounter started up again. Everyone who needed the achievement got it, as well as a couple of achievements the group thought it had not received because no achievement registered at the time the boss was downed. At least one person got their Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion after receiving their Fall of the Lich King achievement. So, yeah. Just another normal night of Spectacular Death raiding."

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