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Breakfast Topic: Have you ever ragequit from a WoW group?


Temper tantrums aren't really my style. Thanks to years spent onstage in the theatre, my first reaction to any sort of problem is to make sure the audience never knows anything unusual is going on. If something in game irks me that much, I tend to grit my teeth and get through it for the moment. After that, of course, I may well choose to never go back and do that particular thing ever, ever again.

But nothing sends me into a rage faster than those clueless types who bat their eyes while innocently murmuring, "It's just a game, people. It's just the internet. This isn't real life." Players who still manage to think this way even in today's connected age are typically the first ones to thoughtlessly pull the plug when they get their panties in a twist over one thing or another. That whole attitude? Grrr. Stay away from me. If I even so much as get a whiff of that attitude, I'll ... I'll ragequit on you before you ragequit on me.

Have you ever ragequit a WoW group or raid? We're not talking about slipping out of a dysfunctional situation based on sheer frustration; we're talking a full-on, spittle-flecked ragequit with slamming keyboards and turning off the computer power button. What was the thing that broke you down? That bad? Yeah, that bad.

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