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France orders Apple to pay $6.5M in taxes


Apple has been ordered to pay US$6.5 million (5 million euros) in taxes in France by SACEM (Google translation), a French organization which doles out the "copie privée" tax to writers, artists, producers, musicians and other content creators. The "copie privée" is a tax in some European countries on digital devices that can display, copy or transfer copyrighted content.

Though Apple has applied the tax to all devices it sells in France, SACEM has said it has not received the 5 million euros worth of "copie privée" taxes Apple collected from consumers from iPad sales in 2011. There has been no public response from Apple at this time over the allegations, though this is sure to be cleared up pretty quickly as Apple is under fire in several countries over the amount of taxes it pays.

[via TheNextWeb]

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