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If we stitched together every iPhone screen in existence...


Here's a question I'm sure none of you have been wondering about. What would happen if we took the screen off of every iPhone ever sold and stitched them together to form one ginormous screen? A mammoth screen to end all screens, if you will. Just how big would this capacative touchscreen monstrosity be?

While you may not have the time, inclination or perhaps even interest to figure it out, the same can't be said for the ever curious folks over at

They set out to answer this very question and, suffice it to say, we're talking about one gigantic iPhone.

[The] Kubrick-inspired monophone would stretch 5,059 feet into the sky and have a base measuring 2,846 feet across (Central Park is 2,640 feet wide). Its surface area would take in 2.07 billion square inches. That's 14.39 million square feet or 330.54 acres. The new World Trade Center, by comparison, will have a surface area of 23 glass-clad acres, giving us enough screenage to watch Game of Thrones on all four sides of fourteen WTCs.

The calculation was made with the following figures and assumptions:

  • 352 millions iPhones have been sold since 2007
  • Of that, 51.1 million units have been iPhone 5s.

If we stitched together every iPhone screen in existence

Incidentally, the above photos are rumored to be approximate representations of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note III.

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