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3's data network dies, UK iPhone owners left without 3G

Last night I was walking my dog and I went to check my iPhone and noticed I didn't have a 3G signal. Sadly, this was nothing new since I am on UK network 3. I chose the network because they have unlimited data sim-only plans, but I soon discovered it's hard to get a signal a lot of times -- especially when I'm indoors. Still, being on the heath last night and not having a data signal at all was odd -- even for 3. But this morning I found out what happened: most of their data network went down and most of it remains down at this time.

As Sky News reports, 3 has confirmed the data outage problems, which they are calling "intermittent." A 3 spokesperson said, "Some of our customers are unable to access the internet. We are working to restore their data services as soon as possible. We apologize to all those affected for any inconvenience." Currently the company is saying the data services will be restored via a phased response, meaning some users will get their 3G data back before others.

As of the time of this writing my 3G data is still down and so is the 3G data of several of my friends who have 3's service for their iPhones. Meanwhile, during the downtime, I think I'm going to look for a new service provider. For those readers in London please let me know in the comments what carrier you use for data and how you find their coverage both outdoors and indoors.

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