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CCP marks EVE Online: Odyssey launch with trio of new videos


Odyssey, the 19th free content expansion for sci-fi sandbox EVE Online, is now live. Like the EVE expansions that came before it, Odyssey brings a collection of changes, tweaks and major overhauls to EVE's existing universe, among them resource redistribution, deep modifications to the exploration career, a brand-new radial navigation tool, upgrades to player-owned stations, and a redesigned system scanner.

To mark the occasion, CCP has released no fewer than three videos covering Odyssey, including the expansion's final launch trailer. Check out all three after the break, and have a look at our Odyssey coverage for in-depth information on everything that's changing.

Here's the Odyssey launch trailer:

And here's a video walk-through of changes to Hacking and Archaeology:
And, finally, here's a very strange developer video covering Odyssey's creation (embedding is disabled on this one, so you'll have to swing by CCP's YouTube page).

[Source: CCP press release]

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