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Guacamelee costume DLC pulled to fix 'Pollo Power' glitch


Guacamelee's first batch of DLC, a costume pack, was supposed to launch today alongside a patch that enabled players to swap characters at checkpoints – but the patch causes serious problems and Drinkbox Studios has pulled it down. This means the DLC won't launch today as planned.

The patch bugs out in save games after acquiring the "Pollo Power," making it impossible for players to leave chicken mode and essentially blocking progress. The patch was live long enough for some players to download it, and Drinkbox says it may have automatically downloaded for PlayStation Plus members last night. To fix the issue, PS3 players can delete Guacamelee entirely and re-download it, and Vita players can save to the cloud, then delete and re-download the game.

"We hope to release a fix for the patch (as well as the downloadable content) as soon as possible," Drinkbox says. "Really sorry about this!"

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