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Guild Wars 2 celebrates Dragon Bash festival by giving us stuff to break

Shawn Schuster

If you're a fan of ArenaNet's parties (no, not those epic PAX parties -- in-game parties!) then we have a treat for you.

Starting June 11, Guild Wars 2 will be celebrating the Dragon Bash festival in game where players can build and destroy giant dragon effigies for candy and boosts, compete at mini-games like Dragon Ball and Moa Racing, win special rewards including exclusive weapon skins and holographic dragon wings, shoot off fireworks, and more. The grand finale will culminate in a lighting ceremony on June 18 in Lion's Arch.

To help kick off this year's event, ArenaNet sent around a few real-life piñatas for various gaming website staff to break open themselves and record on video. You can bet that we went a little... overboard with this one. Follow along in the gallery below for images from the festival and after the cut for some piñata bashing, Massively style.

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