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Intel VP: 'Lack of LTE' hampers our approach to the US smartphone market


During Intel's press conference today, we got a brief glimpse into how Intel's smartphones are fairing globally. The noticeable gap, however, was the US. Answering questions during a Q&A session following the Computex keynote, Tom Kilroy, Executive Vice President of Sales said that there was a major reason why it was lacking US carrier support: LTE.

"Absence of LTE is the reason. We can't get ranged by US carriers without LTE, so once we have multi-mode LTE coming to market later this year, we'll have an opportunity to compete in that business."

While we've seen Intel add 4G radios to its Atom processors for global-roaming tablets, there's no news yet of the capability launching on its smartphone designs. Last year, Intel launched a Medfield-powered version of Verizon's RAZR M in Europe and Asia, under the RAZR i branding and with only 3G radios.

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