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Marvel Heroes launch-day roundup and opening cinematic

MJ Guthrie

Suit up, Marvel Heroes! Today's the day you launch into the fight against evil, so grab your costume and join in on thwarting the dastardly plots of Doctor Doom. What's that, you say? You are stuck at work as your alter ego? Well don't let evil get the upper hand; use the time wisely to prepare for the upcoming battles.

To help, we've compiled a collection of videos, hands-on experiences, and even a series of motion comics here to brief you on what to expect when you can finally break free of those workplace fetters and fly into the fray. We've also included the game's just-posted opening cinematic!

Marvel Heroes rolls out first episode of Chronicles of Doom motion comic series
When Marvel Heroes launches on June 4th, it will begin a super story that finds Doctor Doom wielding a fair share of power. But what about the story behind that story?
Marvel Heroes' Chronicles of Doom dives into episode 2
Were you hanging on the edge of your seat after watching the first episode of Marvel Heroes' Chronicles of Doom last week? Hope you haven't fallen to your doo.
Marvel Heroes' Chronicles of Doom reaches its epic conclusion
Not to spoil anything from this fourth (and last) entry in the Brian Michael Bendis-penned, animated comic-thing, Chronicles of Doom, but Dr. Doom is sort of a jerk.
PAX East 2013: Hands-on with Marvel Heroes
Gazillion Entertainment made a splash at PAX East, arriving with the big announcement that Marvel Heroes will be launching on June 4th. In addition, the team gave new details about endgame content, PvP, and special "ultimate powers" for each hero.
Marvel Heroes prepares for the end at the beginning
With early access to Marvel Heroes coming on May 28th and the actual launch a few days later on June 4th, the Gazillion team is on super-high alert.
Marvel Heroes offers one final open beta weekend and Thor trailer
If you missed last weekend's open beta for Marvel Heroes, you've got one more chance to get in and get your super hero on before the June 4th launch.
New Marvel Heroes trailer shows off Iron Man 3 specialty suits
Marvel fans are well aware that Iron Man 3 released today, but did they know that after heading to the theaters to watch the hero in action, they can jump into Marvel Heroes tonight to live it?
A door to the Marvel world: David Brevik talks Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes is an upcoming action RPG that allows players to sling web justice as Spider-Man or just throw a stress-relieving tantrum as the Hulk.
A Mild-Mannered Reporter: Marvel Heroes' strengths and weakness
Those of you who have followed the column for a while are familiar with the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of Marvel Heroes, though it's more an issue of apathy than malice.
A door to the Marvel world: David Brevik talks Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes is an upcoming action RPG that allows players to sling web justice as Spider-Man or just throw a stress-relieving tantrum as the Hulk.
No launch torch for Marvel Heroes, but plenty of Steam
When Marvel Heroes announced that Squirrel Girl, Emma Frost, Nova, and Luke Cage would be delayed until after the game had launched, it was bad news, depriving the game of three popular heroes and Nova until later.
Marvel Heroes gets an open beta weekend in honor of Iron Man 3
Gazillion Entertainment is celebrating the upcoming release of the Iron Man 3 movie by throwing the doors of Marvel Heroes open for a beta weekend.
Blow up all the things in the new Marvel Heroes trailer
Have you ever found yourself playing a game and thought that while it's fun, it would be much better if you could just destroy everything around you with controlled explosions?
First Impressions of Marvel Heroes: Two Massively reporters weigh in
Superhero games have never been dominant in the MMO space, and sadly, the genre was dealt a nasty blow last month by the loss of the pioneering City of Heroes.
NYCC 2012: New Marvel Heroes characters and trailer debut
What better place to learn more about a game based on comic books than a comic book convention? Marvel Heroes had its own panel earlier today at the New York Comic Con, where devs not only shared a new trailer but announced three new playable heroes.
Check out 25 minutes of Marvels Heroes in action
It's been a great day for preview videos and tours, and we've got another fascinating one for you if you have 25 minutes to spare. Gamespot posted a playthrough video of Marvel Heroes, complete with developer commentary, and it's a doozy.

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