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New Gmail for iPhone adds auto-categorization


Google has just released a redesigned Gmail app for iOS that takes the already powerful email tool and supercharges it. The main feature that will have Gmail users singing its praises is support for Google's auto-categorization feature. By activating auto-categorization in your email account, Gmail will sort your messages by updates, social media, newsletters and your primary feed. Users can then access their categories via the app's slide-out sidebar.

The update also comes with an improved notification system, allowing you to select which categories you receive notifications from. If you subscribe to a lot of newsletters, or haven't turned off email social media notifications, this feature will help keep what's important in front of you while cutting down on superfluous noise.

In-app actions have also been vastly improved. You can now respond to Google Calendar invites, interactive Google+ posts, and open links to the Chrome, Maps and YouTube apps directly from your Gmail app. Finally the app has added the ability to swipe left or right to help navigate from message to message. You can grab the latest update for Gmail over at the App Store. Have fun.

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