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PSN Tuesday: Remember Me on PS3, Limbo on Vita, Deus Ex free for Plus


This week PSN gets Remember Me for $60 as a full PS3 download (and here's our review). Also on the docket is Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, which hits PSN for $20. Vita gets Limbo for $15, Toro's Friend Network for free, Quell Memento for $5 and Paint Park Plus for free. Class of Heroes 2 hits the PSP this week, and it's now in the Vita store for $25.

PlayStation Plus members can grab the PS3 game Deus Ex: Human Revolution for free, alongside a 10 percent discount on Grid 2 ($54), and 40 percent off Portal 2 ($9.60) and its Move-enabled DLC, In Motion ($4.80). Let's Fish: Hooked On is half off on Vita for Plus members this week, for $10.

Sony has some secret content in store for June, according to PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Manager Paul Sullivan, and it just so happens there's a large gaming convention right in the middle of this month. Keep your eyes peeled.

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