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Virtuix Omni VR treadmill Kickstarter goes live, fully funded almost immediately

Jordan Mallory

Within hours of going live earlier today, Virtuix's Kickstarter campaign for its flagship omni-directional VR treadmill has not only reached its fundraising goal of $150,000, but as of press time has earned more than twice that, with 980 backers contributing a total of $368,987. The campaign still has 48 days of funding remaining.

Money earned through the campaign will be spent on transitioning the Omni from its current prototype stage into a product that can be mass produced, with production slated to begin sometime this December. Initial units are expected to begin shipping next January, though the campaign does acknowledge that "delivery dates are at the mercy of unforeseen manufacturing issues."

While a final retail price for the Omni has not been disclosed, the Kickstarter's FAQ states that it will be "significantly higher" than the donation levels that currently include the Omni device, which start at $400. Each donation tier is limited to 500 units each, so folks with deep pockets, a love of VR and an angel's share of trust might want to start contemplating.

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