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    Daily iPhone App: Made brings scrumptous sweets right to your front door


    Would you like to sample goodies from some of the best independent bakers in the US? Treats so fine they will make your mouth water just by looking at them. If you are driven by a sweet tooth, then you should fire up the App Store and download the new Made app from Helpies. Made lets you browse through a large and lovely catalog of desserts from local bakers, bakeries, chocolatiers and candy makers. The list includes high-profile companies like Ovenly and Made By Melissa.

    The Made app is driven by visuals, and I must say that the photos of the desserts are stunning -- literally mouth-watering. Made is more than a picture book, though. It's also a shopping tool that lets you order these delicious sweets and have them delivered directly to your front door. Made includes information about the baker, a description of the dessert and order details like preparation time and shipping cost. Ordering a dessert requires an account and you can sign up within the app. You also have to enter your shipping and payment details, which are saved for future purchases.

    Made is available for free from the iOS App Store. It's worth a download, even just to browse through the treats and learn more about some of the top local bakers in the US.

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