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Is the Samsung Galaxy S 4 coming with an Intel mobile chip? (updated)


Huh? While we knew the Galaxy Tab 3 is certainly coming with a Clover Trail+ chipset, there was another device that is apparently making the transition to Intel's mobile chip: the GS4. At least according to Intel's mobile keynote slide, seen above. Are the pair waiting on LTE capability to arrive? Quite possibly. During the Q&A session afterwards, We asked Intel's Hermann Eur, General Manager for Mobile, who reiterated that the GS4's 3G model contains Intel's modem, although that doesn't explain quite why the phone is nestled alongside an otherwise all-Atom lineup of tablets and smartphones. We're looking into it.

Update: We grabbed an Intel spokesperson who tells us the Galaxy S4 made the lineup due to the aforementioned 3G radios. We're taking their word for it, but we'll be hearing more from big mobile brands and Intel over the next year.

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