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Report: Dragon's Dogma Quest is a 2D online-only F2P RPG for Vita


A new Dragon's Dogma game is reportedly coming to Japan, but it sounds a fair bit different to its predecessor. According to Game Jouhou (via Gematsu and Siliconera), this week's Famitsu magazine announces Dragon's Dogma Quest, a 2D free-to-play, online-only RPG for the Vita, due in Japan this fall.

Going by Game Jouhou's report, Quest once more pits players as Arisen, and the Arisen commands a party of pawns who go into battle. Parties can comprise a maximum of eight pawns, including four of the player's, and four from friends. Just imagine all those repeated phrases - "This looks interesting!" - but in stereo (hopefully not).

Quest again sees players explore a world of towns, dungeons, enemies, and side-quests. On the vocations-side, Quest features a far greater selection, with over 150 jobs included. It's unclear what exactly's tied to microtransactions, but they're apparently for assisting players who don't have lots of time to play the game.

We've reached out to Capcom for confirmation and to find out if it's headed west.

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