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ZeniMax views TESO as more multiplayer Elder Scrolls than MMO

Jef Reahard

Game Reactor has published another Matt Firor interview from last week's pre-E3 Elder Scrolls Online preview event. The ZeniMax game director had plenty to say about the game world, the social design elements, and the team's desire to draw in players who may not be MMO fans.

"This is more a multiplayer Elder Scrolls game than an MMO. [You'll see] very limited UI, nice and clean, not a lot of bars," Firor explained. "The combat system is very much action-based. It's also soloable, you can solo almost the entire game. We wanted to get Elder Scrolls players who were unfamiliar with online games and MMO terms to get in, play, have fun and get introduced to the multiplayer aspects."

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